Top Tips For Family Vacations In Fiji

Even the best plans can change depending on the needs of the family and unexpected circumstances that can arise while on vacation. Upon arrival, be sure to consult with the hotel’s concierge about emergency contact numbers and any special needs for members of the family. Many tourist destinations are ready to serve the needs of physically challenged or differently-abled individuals, but plans may need to be discussed prior to arrival to make sure these services are immediately available.

Many of the resorts are used to sudden changes in weather and so families can still find plenty to do when rainy days mean outdoor excursions should be limited. Bringing a few travel-ready activities like cards or easy-to-pack board games can help little ones stay engaged if they’re not interested in what the resort has to offer. All the usual precautions of tropical vacations are true for the South Pacific islands: wear sunscreen even on overcast days, and wear repellent as evening approaches to ward off mosquitoes.

Menu options during a family’s stay should be checked for any potential allergen exposure, though most resorts and hotels have the experience necessary to note possible allergens on their menus. When dining off-site, families should take care to examine their options thoroughly in case members of their group have certain sensitivities.

Depending on location, getting around Fiji and its minor islands can be done via cab rides, bicycle tours, boats or chartered planes. Check with the hotel’s concierge about options and pricing before arrival to avoid any unexpected surprises when it comes to what might be included and what might incur extra charges.

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