Top 5 Best Hotel Booking Sites for 2018

Booking a Hotel online these days is pretty simple. There are a number of great Hotel Booking Sites available… Almost too many. With so many choices, it’s hard to know where to go to get the best deal. We’ve taken a deeper look at all the major hotel booking sites to see where we can find the best value.

Quick Guide

Always Visit a Price Comparison Site first…

The Best Hotel Price Comparison Site is

The Best Hotel Booking Site is

Save Money by Booking non-refundable rooms… only if you’re sure

Online Travel Agent vs Price Comparison – What’s the Difference?

When booking a hotel online, you’re going to start your search on one of these two types of sites. Both of these sites advertise on TV, and you would have heard all the big names before, Sites like Expedia,, Trivago, and HotelsCombined. but what’s the difference?

The best way to identify if you’re on an OTA or a Price Comparison site is if you are Making a Booking on the site. Website such as,,, and are all examples of OTA’s that you actually complete your booking on. These Sites are the sites that send you a booking confirmation, and these are the sites that you contact if you need to make any changes or cancellations.

A price comparison site will show you the best websites where you can go and book your hotel. These sites work with all the major travel websites to find the best deals.

Search Results on showing the 3 best deals


HotelsCombined is one of the original Hotel Price Comparison Websites. HotelsCombined was founded in 2005 in Sydney Australia and has the most extensive list of properties all over the world. Their content is available in 48 languages and has over 120 currencies.

Like most price comparison sites, they work with all the major OTA’s such as and as well as some smaller OTA’s that have either really good rates and availability and good user experience.

User Experience 

One issue with Price Comparison Sites is squeezing so much information into an easy user-friendly experience.

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